A used big book version of Poems Around the World 3 Collected by Brian Moses and David Orme.

Spotlight on Poetry: Poems Around the World provides three collections of modern and traditional poems from around the world. The chosen poems illustrate a range of poetic forms and ways in which poetry is used in different cultures. Poems Around the World 3 is suitable for ages 9-11 (Year 5-6/P6-7).The Poems Around the World selection features poets such as John Agard, Valerie Bloom, James Berry and the work of many other poets from a variety of countries. Each collection is available as both a pupil reader and as a Big Book. The readers contain all the material in the Big Book plus some additional material, for example additional poems or full versions of poems that appear as extracts in the Big Book.Poems Around the World 3 contains the following poems:

Everybody Rap (Su Andi)

Poetry Jump-up (John Agard)

The Panther (Rainer Maria Rilke)

De (Valerie Bloom)

The River (Valerie Bloom)

Sensemaya: A Chant for Killing A Snake (Nicolas Guillen)

The Storm (Ashok B Raha)Moon (Li Bai)

The Distant Talking Drum (Isaac Olaleye)

In the Garden (Rupendra Guha Majumdar)

Can You? (Nicolas Guillen)

The Picnic in Jammu (Zulfikar Ghose)

The Door (Miroslav Holub)

The Father’s Song (Anon – Inuit)

Isn’t my Name Magical? (James Berry)

The Dream Keeper (Langston Hughes)

The book is in very good condition with no marks or stamps inside the book.

Spotlight on Poetry - Poems Around the World 3 (Big Book)

  • This title has been produced in Big Book format for classroom use.

    Although used it is in very good condition with no torn pages and no marks or writing in the book.